Renting your boat: a profitable solution

You have purchased a boat and wish to make a profit on some of your expenses? SeaLux Yachting takes care of the rental management of your boat. We rent your boat and we take care of everything for you.

By renting your boat by the day or by the week when you don’t use it, your nautical investment quickly becomes profitable and you don’t lose money if you don’t sail!

With a boat rental, you can cover your harbor berth and routine vessel maintenance costs. Want to pick up your boat to cruise for a day or more? With the SeaLux Yachting boat rental you also get a boat that is always ready to sail when you arrive in port.

Our rental management guarantees

Transferring your boat to an individual or a company is never easy. To ensure a risk-free rental of your boat and the maintenance of your vessel in excellent condition, SeaLux Yachting guarantees you impeccable service for the rental management of your boat.

The whole team of SeaLux Yachting welcome you on the port of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat in order to expose you the terms and obligations of each rental. We have at heart to offer you an advantageous solution that will allow you not to lose the benefit of your vessel when you do not go to sea.

To help you in the managementve of your boat, we offer a personalized accompaniment. We take care of your boat at every stage so that you can always enjoy it in the best conditions.

When you wish, you can get your boat back: our team will give it back to you in perfect condition so that you can naturally take to the sea as if nothing had happened! We listen to you and present you with management solutions adapted to your needs.


The opinion of a boating professional

Sell or buy your boat with SeaLux Yachting, it is to benefit from our expertise. Our advantage? The advice of a pro: save time and above all, have peace of mind.

Your boat requires exceptional service

SeaLux Yachting is your professional for the sale and resale of boats in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Installed on the Old Port of Quai Lindbergh, our team is at your service all year long.

Powerful and comfortable boats, for exceptional sea trips

We offer a very wide range of new or used boats, you will find here a model in agreement with your desires and your budget. From family sport boats to luxury yachts.


Our services


150 / month
6 months basis
  • 2 visits per month of the boat with inspection of the engine hold, charging of the batteries and testing of the equipment.
  • 2 start-ups per month of the engines with temperature rise.
  • Daily control of the mooring
  • Daily control of the fenders
  • Daily monitoring of the boat
  • Control of the protection systems (tarpaulins and covers)
  • Reinforcement of the mooring in case of bad weather


250 / month
6 months basis
  • 2 visits per month of the boat with inspection of engine hold, battery charge and equipment test.
  • 2 washings per month, with stainless steel treatment.
  • 2 start-ups per month of the engines with temperature rise.
  • Daily control of the mooring and daily control of the fenders.
  • Daily monitoring of the boat.
  • Control of the protection systems (tarpaulins and covers).
  • Reinforcement of the mooring in case of bad weather.
  • Organization of the various works desired with the subcontractors and follow-up of the realized works.


200 / month
6 months basis
  • Mooring of your boat upon your return
  • 1 wash after each sea trip
  • Charge the batteries and check the electrical panel
  • Closing of the boat with the installation of the protection systems (tarpaulins and covers)
  • Evacuation of the garbage cans
  • Washing of towels
  • Opening the boat before your departure at sea
  • Putting back cushions and towels
  • Filling of the water tank
  • Filling of the fridges on request the day before
  • Filling of fuel on request the day before
Awesome Image
 Are you intrigued by the Mediterranean seabed? With our underwater scooter, it’s easy to get away. No need for flippers, let us guide you through the wide and mysterious depths. They will no longer hold any secrets for you.
With family, friends or your partner, the towed buoys are waiting for you. You will have an intense and pleasant time, laughter guaranteed, here again you have to hold on … not to end up all wet!
Do you want to enjoy the countryside more leisurely? Try your hand at paddle boarding? A new experience awaits you. Don’t hesitate and challenge your friends on the boards.
At SeaLux Yachting, we also take care of your equipment at sea. So you don’t have to worry about the surveillance of your boat while you are away. Don’t worry and leave the protection to us, our best team will take care of everything. Your boat is in good hands!
On sale at SeaLux, find our most beautiful boats to go to sea. A large selection is offered to you. Don’t hesitate, ask us for advice, we will be able to meet your expectations and accompany you throughout your purchase.
Looking for an escape at sea? You can also rent our boats for a day or half day, with or without a skipper. The best way to discover the beautiful Mediterranean coastline yourself..
Need wakeboard, underwater scooter, e-foil lift or other water sports… SeaLux Yachting offers a wide range of available on order.
SeaLux Yachting also offers the sale of accessories for your boats. Need a last-minute accessory? Anything on your boat? A cleaning product? Or simply marine equipment? Enjoy our best selection of accessories, specially selected for you. Adapted to your boats, come and discover them without further delay.
SeaLux Yachting is at your disposal to allow you to enjoy your boat in the best conditions. We will offer you a wide range of services from the preparation of your boat (careening, polishing, interior exterior cleaning, hull and deck protection with wax etc.) to the annual maintenance of your unit, guaranteeing longevity.


Want to escape to the sea? You can also rent our boats for a day with or without a skipper. A boat license will be required. Renting a boat is the best way to contemplate yourself the magnificent coastline of the Mediterranean. Set off to discover your favorite places, when you want and with whom you want. No more constraints, just enjoy the freedom of sea rides.

An occasion to celebrate, a seminar to organize, a boat is THE atypical place to organize you exceptional events. Being rocked by the gentle movement of the waves, the calm on the horizon, a boat is also a place where you can decompress and enjoy good moments of relaxation. Alone or with loved ones, softness and serenity will punctuate your sea trip.
So for your sea excursions, choose from our wide selection of boats, equipped with optimal comfort. Don’t wait any longer and come and choose one of the boats from SeaLux Yachting.